VIDEO: D. Boone Pittman “She Likes the Beach”


Classic Country Lyrics Meld with Americana Sounds for Satisfying Single Emerging Americana singer-songwriter D. Boone Pittman has released the super fun video for the instantly satisfying single off of his latest album “Emerge”, entitled “She Likes the Beach” to his YouTube channel. WATCH SHE LIKES THE BEACH ON YOUTUBE With jangling guitars and a vocal [...]

Marshall Oakman: She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman


Second Single from Upcoming EP Displays Writing Range with its Catchy Sing-Along Vibe (New York) Exhibiting appeal, allure and variety, performing singer-songwriter, Marshall Oakman, has released his second single, She's No Doll, She's A Woman, to Spotify and all the major music services.  PREVIEW SHE’S NO DOLL SHES A WOMAN HERE LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE [...]

Cool is Forever: Long Time SONY Head Bob Morelli Celebrates New Success in Consulting Biz


Industry Expert Continues His Tradition of Helping Musicians Create a Lasting Career Former Sony Music RED President Bob Morelli is celebrating the one year anniversary of his Long Island-based “Cool is Forever Consulting LLC”. Cool is Forever Consulting specializes in big picture strategies, tactical marketing, sales initiatives, negotiating distribution and label deals with a full [...]

Elektragaaz Presents “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 3″


Following the Debut and Second Installment, “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2”,  the third highly anticipated Elektragaaz EP is out Sept 14th on AIS Records via The Orchard The New EP from Elektragaaz, “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 3,” hits all major musical platforms on September 14. The [...]

Monsieur Job Releases New Album: Musica para mi Madre


Record and Planned Theatrical Production Dedicated to the Positive Influence Bandleader Toby Halguin’s Mother - and Mother Earth - Have Had on His Musical and Spiritual Evolution It was announced today that Monsieur Job has released their new album “Musica para mi Madre”. The inspiration for the record came from the long history of support, [...]

Singer/Songwriter Dom Cotton Releases “Get Me Outta Here” Single/Video


Multi-Talented Artist Bringing Soaring Melodies From Down Under  “Get Me Outta Here”, the new single/video from Australia based Singer/Songwriter Dom Cotton, is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Apple Music.  WATCH THE “GET ME OUTTA HERE” VIDEO ON YOUTUBE LISTEN TO “GET ME OUTTA HERE” ON SPOTIFY Straight from the shores of Sydney, Australia [...]

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Teddy Wender Releases “Summer Shirt” Single/Video


Multi-Talented Keyboardist Declares Summer is here and NYC is Open Again So Break out your summer shirt and hit the streets! “Summer Shirt”, the single/video from Long Island based Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Music Industry Executive Teddy Wender, is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Apple Music.  WATCH THE “SUMMER SHIRT” VIDEO ON YOUTUBE LISTEN TO “SUMMER SHIRT” [...]

Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle Releases “WHERE’S MY MIND?” EP


Impressive Young Performer Matures with Diverse Musical Offering Fast rising Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle is set to release his new debut EP “WHERE’S MY MIND?” to Spotify and all the major services Wednesday July 14th, 2021. LISTEN TO "WHERE'S MY MIND?" ON SPOTIFY PREVIEW “WHERE’S MY MIND” ON SOUNDCLOUD At only 16 years old, Robert Eberle [...]

Gnarly Karma Releases “Rags to Riches”


New Offering Highlights Strong Songwriting and a Signature Sound  (Huntington, NY) - Known for their infectious melodies and incredible live performances, Huntington based buzz band Gnarly Karma has just released their latest single, “Rags to Riches” to Spotify and all the major music services. LISTEN TO RAGS TO RICHES ON SPOTIFY Co written by Singer/Guitarist [...]

The 24th Annual Long Island International Film Expo is August 10th – 15th


Top Independent Film Festival To Deliver In Theater and Virtual Movies The Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) is the premiere filmmaker community on Long Island, and one of the most respected festivals of its kind in the world; showing almost 125 feature-length films in many different genres each year. Sponsored by the Long Island [...]